Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

General Questions

How often should I have my lawn mowed?

In New Zealand, throughout spring and summer you should have your lawn mowed on a weekly basis, During Autumn and Winter cutting your lawn every two weeks is best, But during winter you should cut your grass one notch lower than you do in summer. This will allow better airflow through the grass and will prevent moss growth in the lawn.

How long after I start the treatment process should I notice a difference in my lawn?

You should be able to notice a difference in a few short weeks, You will notice a big difference in the depth of color in your lawn and how much thicker it is and the lack of weeds in around 3 month’s

Is the fertilizer and weed spray harmful to people or pets?

No, Once we have sprayed them or applied them there is no risk to people or pets.

Once Lawn Rite has completed a visit is there anything I have to do?

No, The only time we will recommend you do anything is in summer and we think your lawn is in need of water we will recommend you water the lawn more often.

Will you be able to remove prickle’s from my lawn?

Yes, That is apart of our standard service.

Do I have to sign a locked-in contract?

No, Lawn Rite does not lock you into a contract. You do sign a service agreement that sets out the fee and how often we will visit. If you ever want to cancel your service just give us a call and cancel it. It’s that easy.

Do you send us a reminder before each treatment?

Yes, We will send you an email or text prior to your next scheduled visit to remind you.

Lawn Rite crew members performing lawn maintenance. One is mowing the lawn, one is trimming the edges of the lawn.