About Lawn Rite

About Lawn Rite

Lawn Rite was started in 2015 and currently has over 100 franchisees across New Zealand, Lawn Rite is apart of The Rite Group, which is a group of franchise companies with over 200 franchisees across these four companies which all operate in the home and business service sector.

Lawn Rite was founded in 2015 by Troy Hillard, at the request of Lawn Rite's sister brand Wash Rite’s largest customer at the time. This national retirement home company loved the systems and processes Wash Rite had and asked us if we ever thought about offering Lawn Mowing as a service? It wasn’t long after that Lawn Rite was formed.

Lawn Rite Lawn Mowing is committed to customer service and we consistently aim to deliver the same reliable, prompt, professional and friendly service synonymous with that which Lawn Rite has offered from day one.

It is because of our clearly defined standards of customer service that we have built an excellent reputation and continue to grow the business to become one of the best known and most trusted Lawn and Gardening Service brands in New Zealand.

All Lawn Rite our mowing Franchisees have been Police Checked before commencing their business and are fully insured.

Our Team

The Lawn Rite New Zealand team is lead by our founder Troy Hillard who is still very hands on in the business today and can be found answering customer phone calls daily, Sarah Hillier is the groups General Manager and is in charge of managing the groups admin and call centre hub in Hamilton. Cameron Ryan is our group franchise development manager and is task with managing our master franchise network and local franchise development.

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