Working with our sister brand Wash Rite

Date: 19 Dec 2022

Its not often that a Lawn Rite Franchise and a Wash Rite Franchise works together.

This past week James from Lawn Rite worked hand in hand with the guys from Wash Rite in the Hawkes Bay. While the Wash Rite guys were washing building and cleaning gutters James was cleaning out the garden beds around different parts of Hawkes Bay from Hastings, to Napier and even Havelock North.

James said: "It was ready cool to work apart of a big crew, even though we were all doing different jobs we all had to work as one big team”.

James also said the client was very impressed I was able to arrange the Wash Rite crew to be here on the same day, so we could get all the work done in one day to minimise the interference to the clients and their customers.

Working with our sister brand Wash Rite