What do clients look for in a lawn mowing company?

Date: 19 Dec 2022

The lawn mowing industry in New Zealand is a very competitive and congested market place with lots of options for the customer to chose from. But there is always a hand full of company that rise to the top, these company’s seem to be the ones always recommended on social media, you always see there crews out and about working and always seem to have a steady amount of new online reviews about there service.

If your looking to join a lawn mowing franchise or even try starting your own lawn mowing business you maybe wondering on what you need to concentrate on to ensure your business is a success than this is the list of key factors the clients look at before hiring a lawn mowing contract within New Zealand.

What do clients look for in a lawn mowing company?


In this day and age of ever increasing pricing on everything from fuel, groceries, interest rates and many other things, consumers are very carful on the pricing of luxury services such as lawn mowing. This said setting your prices can be a difficult factor you need to tackle within your business, You need to ensure your profitable but also the customer is paying a fair and reasonable price and also feels they are getting great value for their money. You want to be a desirable option for Kiwis, but you also don’t want to undercut yourself and risk not making any money.

It’s crucial to get this right and to strike a balance between making sure your customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth and feel they are getting value and ensuring you’re able to stay profitable. When you join a franchise, you may be able to benefit from set pricing structures that take your costs into account and allow you to set sensible customer prices.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service the key is always communication, Great communication with your customers is the secret key to a successful business. Wether is a rain delay, traffic delay or even if you’re sick you must communicate with your customers in a clear and timely manner. At Lawn Rite we have systems and technology in place to help our franchisees communicate with their clients in a timely manner.

Another factor to keep in mind when it comes to customer care is that no two customers are the same so you can’t have a cookie cutter approach to all customers and you need to be flexible to their needs and desires, trying to work out your customers needs and desires early in your business relationship is the key to a smooth business relationship.

Brand Reputation

When a potential client starts to look for a lawn mowing service provider one of the key reasons they chose one company over another is brand reputation and referrals from trusted people.

Brand reputation can only be built over time and is done by doing great quality work, at a fair price and by leaving each customer with a feeling they have gotten great value for their hard earned money. A few ways to help build great brand reputation is by always turning up on time, in a clean and presentable manner and by doing great work.

Quality Workmanship

Taking pride in your work is one key way to help you stand out from the crowd in the competitive lawn mowing industry within New Zealand. However, even if you’re the master of grass or lord or lawns, that may not set you apart as much as you may hope it does.

Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile with your quality workmanship. This can involve taking care of lawn edges, managing weeds, and even alerting owners to potential problems, such as broken cloths line or dying grass in some areas due to not enough water or too much water. Taking your time and ensuring the job is done right the first time will help ensure the client stays a client for many many years to come.

Health and Safety

You may not think that residential home owners don’t care about your health and safety systems and processes as long as their lawn gets mowed, but you would be wrong to think that.

More and more people are starting to take workplace health and safety seriously, and lawn care is no different. If you want to stand out for the right reasons, conduct yourself in a safe and professional manner at all times.

Wear ear and eye protection, drive safely on your mower and in your vehicle, and maintain social distancing during various COVID-19 alert levels.

Is it time to join a franchise like Lawn Rite

Now that you know what it takes to become a highly regarded lawn care service provider in your community, you can be on your way to being just that. If you want the rest of the recipe to build a profitable lawn mowing business than you might want to look at joining the Lawn Rite team. You can request more information by clicking on the button below!

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