Tips for Protecting Your Lawn from the Summer Heat

Date: 28 Jan 2024

You can’t control the sun's rays, but you can take steps to shield your beautiful lawn from getting scorched! Here are some tips and tricks to help your lawn survive the intense heat of summer and minimize sun damage.

  1. Optimal Grass Length

During the warmer seasons, it's wise to adjust your lawn mowing routine. Allow your grass to grow a bit longer and mow less frequently. Longer grass provides more shade to the soil, reducing moisture evaporation and stress on the roots. Cutting the grass too short can strain the roots, leading to browning or eventual death of the lawn.

  1. Increase Shade

If feasible, enhance the shade coverage over your lawn by planting larger plants or trees nearby. Let the existing plants grow to provide overhang and refrain from excessive trimming to maximize shade benefits for your grass.

  1. Watering Timing

The timing of watering significantly impacts moisture retention. Optimal times for watering your lawn are early morning or late evening. Watering in the morning before temperatures rise helps prevent rapid evaporation. Ensure the water reaches the roots for thorough hydration.

  1. Minimise Impact and Traffic

Summer is the time for outdoor activities, but excessive foot traffic can damage your lawn. Try to avoid walking over brown spots and reduce overall traffic, especially during hot days, to minimize stress on the grass.

  1. Aeration

Before the heat sets in, consider aerating your lawn to improve water and oxygen penetration to the roots. Aeration reduces soil compaction, promoting healthy growth. Late spring is an ideal time for aeration to prepare your lawn for summer.

  1. Fertilisation

There's debate about fertilising during summer. To play it safe, fertilize your lawn as part of your spring care routine to allow for healthy growth before the heat peaks. Applying fertiliser during summer may stress the grass further and waste fertiliser.

  1. Professional Assistance

If you're uncertain about safeguarding your lawn from summer heat, consider hiring Lawn Rite for expert assistance. We offer a range of lawn care services, including aeration, mowing, and dethatching. Contact our team today for a free quote on your lawn care needs!

Tips for Protecting Your Lawn from the Summer Heat