Matthew Shearer’s Journey to Xi’an: A Blend of Business and Brand Pride

Date: 22 May 2024

Recently, Matthew Shearer, the Master Franchisee of Lawn Rite Waikato, embarked on an unforgettable trip to Xi’an, China. While the primary purpose of his journey was to support his wife’s burgeoning makeup importation and distribution business, Matthew managed to intertwine his business identity into his travels, proudly representing Lawn Rite throughout his stay.

Supporting a Family Venture

Matthew’s wife, a dynamic entrepreneur, has been making significant strides in the makeup industry in the Waikato region. Her business, which focuses on importing and distributing high-quality makeup products, has seen rapid growth and expansion. To further her business ambitions, she needed to attend several key meetings and events in Xi’an, one of China’s historical and cultural epicenters. Matthew, ever the supportive partner, accompanied her to provide moral and logistical support.

Lawn Rite in Xi’an

Despite the primary focus being on his wife’s business, Matthew couldn’t resist showcasing his own business pride. Throughout their travels in Xi’an, Matthew donned his Lawn Rite branded shirts, turning heads and sparking conversations wherever he went. From bustling markets to ancient landmarks, Matthew’s attire served as a mobile advertisement for Lawn Rite, drawing curiosity and interest from locals and tourists alike.

Cultural Immersion and Business Insights

While in Xi’an, Matthew and his wife had the opportunity to explore the city’s rich cultural heritage. They visited the iconic Terracotta Army, the ancient City Wall, and the vibrant Muslim Quarter, immersing themselves in the local culture and history. These experiences not only provided a much-needed break from their busy schedules but also offered valuable insights into the Chinese market and consumer behaviour, which could benefit both their businesses.

A Testament to Dedication

Matthew Shearer’s trip to Xi’an is a testament to his dedication and passion for Lawn Rite. By wearing his branded shirts throughout the journey, he not only represented his business but also demonstrated the importance of brand identity and pride. His actions serve as an inspiration for other franchisees and entrepreneurs, showcasing that with a little creativity, business promotion can seamlessly blend with personal and family commitments.

Matthew Shearer’s Journey to Xi’an: A Blend of Business and Brand Pride