Lawn Rite Goes Green With Solar

Date: 19 Dec 2022

Lawn Rite has launched its first 100% solar powered Lawn Mowing franchise into the market. This franchise comes with a custom made trailer that has its own solar powered charging system which means all battery powered equipment supplied by equipment partner Ego Power + is now charged through the solar panel.

Founder Troy Hillard said ”having the solar panel means this franchise does not ever have to plug into main power which in New Zealand is more and more provided power from burning coal which we wanted to move away from, Having a fully solar powered setup allows our clients to choose a genuine green option”.

Lawn Rite has designed this trailer and equipment package to be able to operate without any solar from the sun for 3 days, This means even on the darkest wettest winter days the franchisee can continue to operate. This capacity comes from a 200 amp hour next generation lithium battery that the solar panel charges and this battery stores the power and is used to run the 2 on board Ego Power + rapid charging units.

Lawn Rite Goes Green With Solar

    Lawn Rite is currently offering its still and experience to other Lawn Mowing business who wish to transit from petrol powered equipment to Battery powered equipment. They will be running a training day min April to run through the solar panel and charging equipment and how this is installed, maintained used. Lawn rite would like to invite anyone interested in learning about this technology to please contact them on 0800101216.

    Lawn Rite has said they are working on the next series of solar powered trailer, these next series will also have options to re charge the equipment through a power lead plugged to the tow vehicle for those who with to use a electric or hybrid vehicle, Lawn Rite is also testing a trailer than has an adapted drum brake system that has been modified into a generator, this will mean the trailer will produce electricity buy the rotational movement of the wheel itself.

    The Lawn Rite Solar trailer fitted with the solar charging system and lithium battery for power storage, The battery looks small in the 2.5m long tool box but with 200 ah it has plenty of storage capacity.

    The trailer has its 355 watt solar panel on a multi axis pivot system which allows the operator to move the solar panel on almost any angle to ensure full power production even in the early hours of the morning or late afternoon when the sun is very low in the sky.