Lawn Care: Residential vs. Commercial

Date: 26 Jan 2024

For lawn care service providers, the realm of possibilities is vast. Whether it's tending to residential lawns, tackling commercial landscapes, or handling various yard maintenance tasks, the options are abundant.

However, venturing into new markets requires careful consideration and planning. If you're contemplating exploring residential or commercial lawn care sectors but are unsure which path to take, here's a breakdown to help you decide.

Residential Lawn Care

Residential lawn mowing entails servicing homeowners and tenants by offering services like lawn mowing and maintenance. Before diving into this market, consider the following:

Advantage: Large Customer Base

Residential properties outnumber commercial ones, offering a potentially larger customer base.

Challenge: Seasonal work volumes

The cooler months pose challenges with reduced demand, necessitating additional services like leaf clearing and gutter cleaning to maintain consistent income but this is also the time for our team to tackle those larger jobs that get missed during spring and summer like garden cleanups, re mulching gardens and tree and hedge removals.

Advantage: Service Flexibility

Residential clients often request various yard services, providing a diverse workload. This might extend to removing or improving existing gardens, water blasting or outdoor areas and even property maintenance around the home.

Challenge: Price Sensitivity

Residential clients may be more price-sensitive, requiring competitive pricing strategies. Throughout the past couple of years pricing has been a sensitive subject due to the cost of living crisis and ever increasing interest rates on most of our clients.

Advantage: Scheduling

Residential lawn care offers flexibility in scheduling compared to commercial services. In most cases you have the flexibility to book these jobs in on the day and time that suits you, this allows ultimate control and allows for the most efficient mowing run within your area.

Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial lawn care involves servicing businesses and organizations, maintaining outdoor environments. Consider the following before entering this market:

Advantage: Income Stability

Long-term contracts with commercial clients offer consistent income.Most commercial contracts are priced on a per month rate which means your income is extremely consistent even through the winter months.

Challenge: Competition

Established competition may pose challenges, but effective marketing strategies can help carve a niche. This means your service level must always be extremely high as competitors are always chasing your clients.

Advantage: Consistent Demand

Commercial properties require year-round maintenance, ensuring consistent demand. This will also mean year round income regardless if its the winter months.

Challenge: Licensing and Insurance

Some commercial clients require specific licenses and insurances, adding to operational costs.

Advantage: Referral Opportunities

Satisfied commercial clients can lead to referrals, expanding your client base.

Ready to Explore?

Both residential and commercial lawn care offer unique advantages and challenges. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision about which market aligns with your goals and resources.

Whether you're considering starting a new lawn care business or expanding into new markets, assessing these aspects can guide your decision-making process effectively. For more information feel free to contact Lawn Rite today on 0800101216.

Lawn Care: Residential vs. Commercial