How Do I Keep My Garden Alive & Green In A Drought

Date: 12 Aug 2023

Optimise Morning Watering

To ensure your garden flourishes amidst drought conditions, prioritize early morning watering, ideally before 7 AM. This practice minimises water evaporation during the day's heat and offers plants prolonged nourishment.

Water Strategically

When utilising a watering can or bucket (preferably between 10 AM and 4 PM), direct the water precisely onto the root zone at the base of each plant. Deep, infrequent watering promotes robust water absorption, training plants to thrive with less water.

Focus on Root Zones

Targeting a plant's root zone rather than its foliage offers dual benefits: reduced water evaporation and heightened defence against pests and diseases.

Implement Drip Irrigation and Timed Watering

Enhance water efficiency by considering drip irrigation, which can be installed by adept DIY enthusiasts for around $60 per 1 x 2-meter garden bed. For optimal results, enlist professionals like LAWN RITE. Employ a timer tap with your drip irrigation system to ensure precise, consistent watering at scheduled intervals, minimising water wastage and bolstering plant health.

Fortify with Seaweed Solution

Infuse your watering routine with a seaweed solution, enhancing plants' water retention capabilities and prolonging hydration. A guideline is to mix approximately 20 to 30 millilitres of seaweed solution per nine liters of water.

Harness Moisture with Water Crystals

Once your soil is adequately hydrated, sustain moisture within the root zone. Water crystals, which expand upon contact with water, forming a gel-like substance, provide an enduring water reservoir for your plants. These crystals remain effective for several years before naturally degrading. Alternatively, consider employing a drought shield, a flexible polymer film that curtails water transpiration by up to 50 percent, allowing less frequent watering.

Embrace Mulching

Mulching isn't just an aesthetic touch – it's pivotal for preserving soil moisture and temperature. By aiding water retention and utilizing natural wetting agents, mulch maximizes water utilization, benefitting your garden even in arid conditions.

Opt for Resilient Flora

Strategically choose drought-resistant plant varieties for your garden. Options like Native plants, frangipani, and iris demonstrate impressive resilience under limited water availability.

With these expert insights, your garden can thrive and flourish even in the face of a challenging drought, showcasing the power of informed and mindful gardening practices.

How Do I Keep My Garden Alive & Green In A Drought